Sound Graphy "NOISE HUNTER®"

Noise Hunter® can visualize the noise sources on the picture of object with sound level contour map.

Defining the point of abnormal noise and its level will help you to analyze and take the countermeasure correctly.

Noise Hunter® abstract

Noise Hunter® has the array with multiple microphones for beam forming and a camera for object picture.

Noise Hunter® displays sound level contour map by beam forming processing on the picture of the object taken at the same time.

Noise sources are defined by seeing the contour map.

Operation software is simple, and also designed to get highly precise noise source finding.

In addition , by using tachmeter the Engine rotation is able to be displayed simultaneousiy(optional item).

Microphone array

The array with multiple microphones is expandable to focus on the specific sound frequency range and improve the solution.


Operation processing software is simple, and can get results easily.

Measured data can be put the title and stored in the PC, so data will be recalled later and can be analyzed in the laboratory desk.


Noise Hunter® Software
Spatial Processing Method Beam Forming
Measuring Physical Value Sound Pressure
Sound Frequency Range 500Hz~12kHz
Distance of Measurement(mm) 300mm or more
Data Storage HDD
Display Method of Analysis Sound Pressure Contour Map Matching on Picture
Analysis Range Arbitrary Timing and Frequency
Data Analysis Area 598x432 pixels (equal to azimuth ±28deg, elevation ±20deg)
Back Ground Picture Automatic Shooting
Playback Available (with/without BPF)
FFT Processing Available for each channel
Engine Rotational speed analysis Optional Item(rotation pulse input meter)
Filter Narrowband
Sound Pressure Contour Map Automatic/Manual Maximum and Minimum level
Data Format *.jpg and original format *.dat
Volume of Data Approx. 8MB per second
Recording time Depends on the HDD capacity of the PC.
Real-time Display Unsupported

Input Interface
Data Conversion Unit Real-time A/D Converter
Number of Microphone Input 32chs
Input Type Single End AC Coupling
Frequency Specification 20Hz~20kHz
Dynamic Range 100dB
A/D conversion type All channels Simultaneous Inversion
A/D resolution ΔΣ24bit
Sampling Frequency 32kHz
Buffer Memory 64MB
External Input (OP) 1ch (pulse input only)
PC Interface USB2.0
Cable Length To array : 5.2m, To PC : 1m
Operating Environment 0~50℃
Dimensions/Weight W:260mm×D:180mm×H:105mm/2.3Kg
Power Supply DC12V : AC100~240V AC adapter or Mobile Battery(OP)
Others Fanless, direct data save

Recommended PC Specification
Operating system Windows7 64bit(Recommended )
CPU intel CORE i5 or more
RAM 4GB or more
HDD 256GB or more (Around 25GB for software installation)

Array Microphone
Shape Original Flat Surface Array (expandable)
Number of Microphone 32chs
Type of Microphone Free Field φ4.75mm Microphone
Frequency Specification 40Hz~15kHz(±2.5dB)
Camera 1/3"CMOS color camera (640x430)
Dimension φ300mm or φ600mm (expanded)
Weight 3.5kg (including camera and cables)
Cable length(total) 5.2m
Others Expandable Array for focusing on the Target Frequency Range

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